sakamoto-renge asked:
Hi! I was searching for Uta's picture (from tokyo ghoul) and saw your make up test! Just wanna tell you that ITS AMAZING I LOVED IT ASDFGHJKL I like your Noiz and Koujaku cosplay too! sorry if I seemed creepy to you :p


Not at all thank you so much and i'm happy to hear you say so! <3 Please look forward to more ha-ha  ~  and goodness is that your Cosplay for your icon?! So fabulous!~  I love Eva!!! I plan on cosplaying Kaworu — I have his outfit, but I’m hoping to make his plugsuit - though it’ll be a challenge for sure DX   

plugsuit is always challenging and YES it was my most recent Mari cosplay! I LOVE EVA TOO <3

I’d love to cosplay plugsuit version but sadly I dont have big bewbs like Mari does :P I guess I’ll have to grow my bewbs a little bit more(?)